Changchun Jingyuetan Ice and Snow Recreation [长春净月潭滑雪场]

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the resort is within easy reach of the city hence making it into a day trip is not only very convenient, but also largely stress free too. The resort is set in a beautiful, idyllic setting, within the Jingyuetan National Forest Park. A taxi from the city directly to the resort should only cost you around 30 RMB and special shuttle buses from People’s Square transports customers to the resort during the peak season. Usually open from November to February, the resort caters to skiers of all levels.
The slope has three elementary runs which are 580 meters, 470 meters and 300 meters long respectively, with an average width of 30 metres and a slope of 8-10 degrees. The intermediate slope is 1470 metres long and has a 15 degree slope. For the advanced skiers or the more daring, there’s also a cross-country trail that is 2.5 kilometres long. There’s a 2,800 square metre ski lodge that houses an equipment rental area, a cafe, shops and restaurants. Entrance into the resort costs 10 RMB, not including rental or skiing fees.

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