Changchun Safari Park (Changchun Yesheng Dongwuyuan) [长春野生动物园]

  • Address:inside Jingyuetan Forest Park, southeast of Changchun
  • Contact: 0431 8451 8000, 8451 8002  
  • Opening hours: 8:00 - 21:00
  • Website:
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The six areas of Changchun Safari Park cover a great deal and the park is known for its progressive approach to conservation. It provides habitats for over 60 species, including endangered and rare animals, such as Siberian tigers, African lions, Sika deer, mouflons and red-crested cranes.

The park is broken into the following sections: Conservation & Education Area, Rescue and Breeding Area, Bus-ride Safari Area, Pedestrian Safari Area and Birds' Paradise and the Interactive Animal Performing Area where - somewhat at odds with its conservation program - animal performances take place daily. Grand Animal Parade is particularly bizarre. The Beasts of Prey area, has a more natural approach to animal participation and is probably more easily comparable to western zoos.

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