Mayflower Bar [五月花酒吧]

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Mayflower is the most popular venue for foreigners in Changchun. The draw here is decent live music, some of the best in the city, and they play a good mix of Western and Chinese classics. Divided into two sections, one plays hip-hop, and the other has live music from 9PM.

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Zhongguo Tong
Jul 22, 2012 17:16

Having lived in China for several years, I can honestly say this place is a shit hole. The service is terrible, they treat people like crap, and the music is awful. I went to this bar with several friends and it took them an hour to serve us our drinks, even though I payed in advance. When we finally got our drinks and started dancing after several minutes of just dancing the Chinese dudes pushed us off stage, because the way we were dancing wasn’t ok. Our dancing style was too open "tai kaifang de" but the Chinese ppl who were drinking with us put on stage. They didn’t like seeing people dancing to the music and were upset that we were dancing with Chinese people to the music. Really terrible. Others might say this is “the” place to go in Changchun, but the way they treat customers was terrible. Bad service, bad music, just awful people work there. Avoid this bar if you can and you will be much happier.

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