China Science & Technology Museum [中国科学技术馆]

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  • Address:5 Beichendonglu, Chaoyang District,Beijing
  • Contact: 010 5904 1000  
  • Opening hours: Tue-Sun 09:00-16:30
  • Website: (Chinese)
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The Museum of Chinese Science and Technology is an important center for popular science education in China; its main task is to disseminate science and technology information to the public and help increase the scientific and cultural literacy of all citizens. The Museum's displays are arranged as follows:

Exhibition hall A: Includes displays on both historical and modern themes. The exhibits on ancient Chinese technology include historical achievements in astronomy, navigation, warfare, bronze smelting and casting, papermaking and printing. The modern displays relate to technology, electromagnetism, mechanics, heat, acoustics, optics, nuclear technology and information technology. There is a good range of both static and interactive displays.

Exhibition hall B: Housed in their new exhibition hall there are more than 300 exhibits relating to aeronautics, space travel, energy, communications, material science and mechanics, information technology, life science and environmental science. Much focus is placed on China's scientific inventiveness and achievements.

Exhibition hall C: The ''Astrovision'' Theater, which uses IMAX technology, is one of the museum's major attractions and one of the largest of its kind in the world. It encapsulates state-of-the-art engineering that makes viewers feel they are participating in actual events rather than seeing a film.

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