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May 14, 2019 14:50

Name and surname: Ondřej Lipovský

Age: 43

Nationality: Czech Republic

Sex: Male

Address in China: 中国江西省新余市北京师范大学新余附属学校


Telephone number: 13516772006

current employment:
The Xinyu school affiliated to Beijing normal university. Yushui district. Xinyu city. Jiangxi province. China
position: drama teacher

- 2012 - 2016 study in China Academy of Art Hangzhou, Calligraphy Department, PhD study program, tutor Wang Dong Ling 王冬龄
(not yet completed)
- 2000 – 2007 study in Academy of Fine Art Prague, graphic studio, tutor prof. Vladimír Kokolia. Title received: Master of Art (MgA)
- 1995 – 1999 study in Music Academy Prague, Department of movement and physical theatre, tutor prof. Ctibor Turba. Title received: Master of Art (MgA)
As a student of Music Academy I participated with my class in internship in the State Circus School in Chalons (France), collaborated with the Music Academy in Toyama (Japan)

work experience (previous workshops/skills):
April 2016 - May 2017 children education centre: "I Wonder Tree" in Shanghai, position: teacher of drama in education
2007 – 2012 member of Dance Studio Light, the position: director, teacher, choreographer, performer.
2010 - 2012 teacher of the pilot project “Dance to schools”, under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture Czech Republic. Following the “Dance to schools” I created with the tutor of this project Lenka Tretiagová two performances with children in Banat (Romania), were presented at the Festival Dance Prague, theatre Ponec.
In years: 2001, 2011, 2012 - lecturer of the seminar: “Meetings of young theatre amateurs”, Šumperk (Czech Republic)
2001 - 2002 employee of NIPOS - ARTAMA (Prague), children's department, fine arts

I am the author of performances:
Fell There (2000, Prague), Last Leek (2001, Prague), Anemone (2002, Prague), What eats small fish? (2004, Prague), Gorillas (2008, Prague) Trojjazz (2010, Prague), Arts Engine (2011,Brno), Only earth, sky, me and line of horizon (2011, Bratislava), West wing (2011, Prague), Old song about the Himalayas (2012, Sumperk), Black Karkul (2014, Prague), Feather (2015, Shanghai), NexTime (2016, Hangzhou), HB (2018 Hangzhou)

Language skills:
Czech language - native speaker
English language - a good communicative level
Chinese language - basic level

TEFL certificate, received in the year 2017

Other skills:
Drawing: all types of drawing aids
Painting: watercolor, quash, tempera, acrylic, oil, mix media
Other kind of art: masking, installation, sculpture, object, stage design, light design, scenography
Dance: scenic, modern, expressive
Theatre: movement, physical, nonverbal, clown, mask, comedy dell arte, performing art, happening

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