Fangcaodi Primary School [芳草地小学]

  • Address:1 Ritan Beilu, Chaoyang District, Beijing
  • Contact: 010 8563 5120,ext.2005  
  • Website:
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Although Fangcaodi is included in our list of ''international'' schools, it is actually a state-run primary school which has been accepting foreign students since 1956. Fangcaodi has more experience than any other state primary school in dealing with a culturally diverse student body. The language of instruction is Chinese, except in the English language classes. The school uses the same textbooks as other Chinese schools in the municipality and places a strong emphasis on math and Chinese.

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Jane Blevins
Oct 01, 2011 13:30

After reading this comment and the detailed blog of Mr. Glauser, I would like to express my emotion at this inexcusable tragedy.

My feeling however is that there is a pervasive lack of regard for safety measures of any kind throughout civil society in China or at least in Beijing and that Fangcaodi is simply another example of this. As much as we love the culture, we were constantly confronted with blatant disregard for even the most basic safety safety standards (public buses driving in the emergency lane of major highways were common for instance) when we were in Beijing this summer. Perhaps Mr. Glauser's story will add to others and help change people's attitudes and habits. It is so needless.

olivier glauser
Mar 19, 2011 21:30

before you consider fangcaodi for your child, you should know what can happen there (our son was nearly killed by gross negligence from the school). Children safety and school responsibility and accountability in case of serious accidents are a major issue.

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