Tonspace [瞳空间]

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  • Address:Tongspace, B101, Block A, SOHO, Chaowai, Beijing
    北京市朝阳区朝外SOHO A座 B101 瞳空间
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The theme of Salon: “New Generation of Gallery” No.1 - Invited: Viki (Manager of Platform, China), He Li (Art dealer of hiartstore), Cui Hui,(Dealer of Force Gallery) Artists: Song Yuanyuan, Zhou Yilun, Hi Zi, Lei Mengting, Wang Maque, Mo Houqie, Zhao Yiqian, Sun Hao, Lu Xi, Zo So (South Korea), Meng Chengxiao, Yao Hua Opening: 2013.4.3 18:00-21:00 Exhibition: 2013.4.3-4.14 10:00-18:00 Location: Tongspace (瞳空间) , B101, Block A, SOHO, Chaowai Sponsor: O2 ART The Salon, The Choice of Young Artwork Dealers - Getting Started with Virtuosity will be opened at 18:30, April 3rd, 2013, Tongspace(B101, Block A, SOHO, Chaowai). Between April 3rd, 2013 and April 14th, 2013, it will be hold an art exhibition to the public. The salon “New Generation of Gallery” aims to establish a connection between the amateur with art interest and art dealer. For the people who are interest in art will get the experience in artist choice, the knowledge of appreciation and collection from art dealer. It helps the people close to the world of contemporary art. We are glad to invite Viki (Manager of Platform China), He Li and Cui Hui to choose their satisfied art crafts to participate in gallery. As for the young art dealers, they are equipped in abundant professional knowledge and experience, though it is an essential process for them to be trained with new artists together. Salon welcomes everyone who loves art; offer the opportunity to meet the profession at the same time. Our Tongspace is located at central area of CBD, Beijing, with a great deal of the office staff. We hope attracting people nearby visit the art gallery on foot in ten minutes after work. You will get the surprise and release yourself from the art to avoid the annoying traffic. After the salon, we continue to invite the dealer from auction, media and the dealer from institution in art collection and consultation. Let's witness the spark and influence between art dealer and art lovers in art collection. Contact: Xie Jialin 15613618573

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