Doctors Beck & Stone (Upper East Side Branch) [思威(北京)国际动物医院有限公司]

  • Address:7-5 Building 7, 9th Compound, Fangyuan Nanli, Jiangtai Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing (by Upper East Side 阳光上东 )
  • Contact: 400 103 8686
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sun, 9:00-19:00, consultation by appointment.
  • Website:
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Doctors Beck & Stone provides a full, international standard pet health care service in China, with both western-trained Doctors of Veterinary Medicine, and highly trained Chinese veterinarians, nurses and medical technicians. We are constantly striving to meet or exceed the highest operational, professional and ethical standards. We offer veterinary services, grooming, boarding, and pet foods.

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