Dandelion Hiking

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Dandelion hiking offer off the beaten path hiking adventures on the Great Wall in Beijing, Badanjilin Desert and grassland in Innermongolia, alternative tea road hiking in Yunan,..... and much more. Dandelion Hiking is for the dreamers among us who, their imaginations running wild, enjoy exploration and adventure in all four seasons. They stay away from the metropolitan areas and fancy resorts; instead they set off to seek unique places, where the population is scattered and the modern world forgotten. They don't rely on the typical facilities of the tourism industry but love to eat, sleep and travel like locals. They can endure uncomfortable transportation in pursuit of adventure. Their cost of traveling is the least expensive and they want it to benefit the local residents. Chinahiking-Dandelion is about fun and small group exploration (max.10 people) . There are no tours of the Forbidden City, capital museum or Terracotta Warriors. Instaed we leave the beaten track in search for real culture and nature. The trails you hike are what they always have been without human restoration. The scenery your eyes will witness tells a history of its own...

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