Doctors Beck & Stone Pet Health Care Center – Shunyi location [思威(北京)国际动物医院]

  • Address:Shop LB05, Euro Plaza, #99 Yu Xiang Road, Tianzhu Town, Shunyi District, Beijing
  • Contact: 010 8046 2886; 010 8046 2235  
  • Website:
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Doctors Beck & Stone provide a full, international standard, pet health care service in China, with both western-trained Doctors of Veterinary Medicine, and highly trained Chinese veterinarians, nurses and medical technicians.

We are constantly striving to meet or exceed the highest operational, professional and ethical standards established by The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in the United Kingdom.

Our services include consultations, preventive healthcare, nutrition counseling, full medical and surgical treatment options, comprehensive laboratory diagnostics, radiology, ultrasonography, dermatology, cardiology, ophthalmology, dentistry and alternative/complementary medicine (acupuncture, Chinese herbs, etc.).

Our hospitals are 24/7 emergency crisis centers with 24-hour on-site hospital facilities; ambulances are available.

In addition to veterinary services, grooming, dog training, boarding, pet day care, pet foods and pet care accessories are available. We offer multi-lingual services, including Mandarin and English.

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