Beijing Museum of Tap Water [北京自来水博物馆 ]

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  • Address:No.6 Courtyard (Qingshuiyuan Neighborhood), Dongzhimen Beidajie, Dongcheng District, Beijing
  • Contact: 010 6465 0787  
  • Opening hours: Wed-Sun, 09:00-16:00
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Though water is the cradle of life, “Beijing Museum of Tap Water” has a strange ring to it. Like our good old friend the bee, water (whether it be tap, rain, river, sea or any other type) is also worthy of temples and shrines. And like the bee, clean drinking water is depleting worldwide with potentially catastrophic effects. Unfortunately, the focus of this museum has less to do with how we owe everything to water and yet blindly pollute our main life resource, but focuses primarily on the development of tap water in Beijing since the establishment of the Jingshi Tap Water Co. LTD in 1908. One can also learn all about complicated tap water manufacturing techniques, the distribution of underground tap water tunnels, water quality monitoring measures and more.

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