The Bee Museum of China [中国蜜蜂博物馆 ]

  • Address:Beijing Botanic Garden, west of Sleeping Buddha Temple, Fragrant Hills, Haidian District, Beijing
  • Getting there: Bus No. 331, 904, 833, 733, 360, 318 to Beijing Botanical Garden Stop(北京植物园) or Sleeping Buddha Temple Stop(卧佛寺)
  • Contact: 010 8259 4910; 8259 0094  
  • Opening hours: 08:30-16:30 (closed on Nov 15- Mar 15)
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Bees should not only have more museums dedicated to them, but churches and altars too! Though most of us sadly only associate the little creatures with honey, bees actually play a critical role in the world’s food supply. In fact, without bees we’d probably be starved of hundreds of types of nuts, vegetables, fruits and flowers we take for granted on a daily basis. Apples, tomatoes, pears, cucumbers, broccoli and even melons would deplete if it wasn’t for these little pollinators. It is estimated that bees produce about 30% of our food supply but for reasons unknown to us, bee colonies are disappearing and dying out throughout the world. With this background knowledge, a museum dedicated to the bee does not sound that strange after all. The Bee Museum of China is located in the picturesque settings of the Beijing Botanical Gardens in Haidian District near Fragrant Hills Park. Featuring three exhibition halls, the museum chronicles the history of the bee and its connection with human beings. The museum also houses a total of 475 pictures and diagrams and over 600 specimens. Also on display are bee fossils and rock drawings recording scenes that show how people would climb cliffs to collect wild honey 6-7000 years ago.

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