Beijing Wildlife Park (Beijing Yesheng Dongwuyuan) [北京野生动物园]

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The Beijing Wildlife Park boasts an eclectic collection of wild animals from China and abroad. Visitors can view all the animals in a 30-minute open modern tourist bus trip. At the end of the half-an-hour trip, visitors can view parrots, Chinese Monal Pheasants, colorful rare birds and endangered species.

Upon entering the park, most visitors head straight to the performance area to see various animals strut their stuff. Elephants, monkeys and birds have been trained to do various tricks.

The best time to visit the park is in the morning, when all the animals are feeding. Spring, summer and autumn visits are highly recommended since some animals hibernate in the winter. As with the zoo, this is only a great place to visit if you aren't uncomfortable with captive animals.

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