Beijing Botanical Garden (Beijing Zhiwuyuan) [北京植物园]

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  • Address:Xiangshan Nanlu, Haiding District,Beijing
  • Getting there: mini-23, mini-66, 318, 331, 360, 714, 733, 737, 833
  • Contact: 010 6259 1283  
  • Opening hours: 06:00 - 19:00
  • Website:
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Beijing Botanical Garden is approximately 18km northwest of the city proper between Xiangshan (Fragrant Hills) Park and Jade Spring Mountains. The garden covers 400 hectares and is home to a large variety of rare foliage and stunning flowers.

The plant conservatory, resembling a crystal palace, lies at the center of the garden. The greenhouse is reputed as the largest in Asia, but more impressive is that it houses and exhibits thousands of tropical and subtropical plants in the northern hemisphere. Gardens are organized by themes, each outdoing the other with its wonderful aroma and collage of colors. Currently there are eleven theme gardens that form a spectacular sight within the garden; specialized gardens are reputed as the best in northern China.

The garden is also home to several historical attractions including a Memorial to Cao Xueqin, the Qing Dynasty author of A Dream of Red Mansion. There is also the Tomb of Liang Qichao, a famous Chinese scholar, journalist, philosopher and reformist of the late Qing Dynasty. Another site worth visiting is the Temple of the Sleeping Buddha, which was constructed early in the Tang Dynasty . The copper Sakyamuni statue and small twelve figurines have been worshipped through numerous dynasties. December 9th Pavilion is built in memory of the December 9th Movement, which took place in 1935 and called for an end to the civil war and resistance towards the Japanese aggressors.

The best time to visit the garden is in spring and autumn.

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