Badachu Park (Badachu Gong Yuan) [八大处公园]

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  • Address:Badachu, Xishan, Shijingshan District,Beijing
  • Getting there: 311, 347, 389, 622, 958, 972
  • Contact: 010 8896 4661  
  • Opening hours: 06:00 - 18:30
  • Website:
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Badachu, means Eight Great Sites, and refers to the eight Buddhist temples and monasteries scattered across Cuiwei, Pingpo and Lushi hills at the foot of Beijing's Western Hills.

The eight temple and monasteries include: the Temple of Eternal Peace (Chang'ansi), the Temple of Divine Light (Lingguangsi), Three-hill Nunnery (Sanshan'an), the Temple of Great Mercy (Dabeisi), Dragon Spring Nunnery (Longquan'an), the Temple of Fragrant World (XiangJiesi), The Cave of Precious Pearl (Baozhudong), and Zhengguo Temple.

Together, the landscape is known as the ''Three Hills, Eight Temples and Twelve Scenes.'' The three hills refer to Cuiwei Pingpo and Lushi Hills and the Eight Temples refers to the temples mentioned above with the Twelve Scenes a reference to scenic vistas such as Chunshan Xingling, Shuigu Liuquan, Shengqiu Hongye and CengluanQingxue.

Some of Badachu Park's trees can be traced back to the 6th century. The best time to visit the park is in the autumn months (September and October) when the leaves begin to change colors.

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