Great Wall at Badaling (Badaling Changcheng) [八达岭长城]

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  • Address:Yanqing County, northwest of Beijing, Beijing
  • Getting there: Take 919 at Desheng Gate
  • Contact: 010 6912 1363、6912 2222  
  • Opening hours: 19:00-21:00
  • Website:
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The Great Wall at Badaling is approximately 70km north of the modern city of Beijing. Since 1957, Badaling has received an estimated 130 million tourists.

Badaling is an ancient military defense post with many interesting historical sites in its vicinity. The wall of Badaling is approximately 3,741m long at an average of 8m high. The top of the wall offers panoramic views of the region. In ancient times, it was strategically an optimal defense post.

Historical records reflect that Badaling was an important military strategic post that was active as early as the Spring and Autumn Period and Warring State Periods. The Ming Dynasty was a period of great activity in wall-building and wall-stengthening, and the Badaling sector was rebuilt in around 1582, using an inner core of stone blocks and mud and an outer facing of dressed stone, while the top was paved with bricks.

Today, this section of the wall has many modern attractions including a Great Wall Museum and a Great Wall Cinema. Historians, and history buffs interested in the extensive history of this UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site can learn about the Wall's history, and view photos and artifacts. A cable car offers an alternative to the steep climb.

Cable Car Price: RMB40/one way
RMB60/round trip

Tourist bus routes: Take No. 1 at Front Gate
Take No. 2 at Beijing Railway Station
Take Lateral No. 2 at the west gate of Beijing History Museum
Take No. 3 at East Bridge
Take No. 4 at Xizhi Gate or Beijing Zoo
Train: Take train from Beijing North railway station at 8:06 to Badaling station.

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