• | 0 Reviews | 150 RMB/child | Beijing | Attractions

    Address: Building 21, Ronghe Business Center, near Tianzhu Garden, Shunyi ...

  • | 0 Reviews | Kaski | Attractions

    Address: Damside, Pokhara, Nepal

    Description: Welcome to Trekking in Nepal: Of all the various activities participated in by visitors to Nepal, trekking is by far the most commonly undertaken. Nepal’s wealth of scenery, her diverse flora and fauna & her c...

  • | 0 Reviews | Beijing | Attractions

    Address: 1 Baoguo Temple, Guang'anmennei Dajie, Xicheng District, Beijing

  • | 0 Reviews | RMB10/adult, RMB5/student , Qionhua Isle Admission: RMB10 | Attractions

    Address: 1Wenjin Jie Dongcheng District, Beijing

    Description: Beihai Park is one of the oldest and best-preserved imperial gardens situated in the heart of the city near the Forbidden City and Jingshan Park. The garden covers an area of 69 hectares with a lake extending t...

  • | 0 Reviews | Beijing | Attractions

    Address: 1 Anding Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing

  • | 0 Reviews | Free | Attractions


    Description: Hutongs are narrow alleys associated with courtyard residences of which Beijing is known for. There are a several well-preserved Hutongs in the Houhai area (Yandai Xiejie, Ya'er, Houhaibeiyan, and Qinjing huton...

  • | 0 Reviews | Beijing | Attractions

    Address: Cuandixia Village, Zhaitang Town, Mentougou District, Beijing

  • | 0 Reviews | Beijing | Attractions

    Address: 1 Dongmianhua Hutong (South to Jiaodaokou), Dongcheng District, ...

  • | 0 Reviews | RMB 5 | Attractions

    Address: South of Jiaozi Hutong, Caishikou, Xuanwu District, Beijing

    Description: The oldest surviving Buddhist temple in Beijijng, Fayuan Temple was built during the Tang Dynasty in 1652 and rebuilt during the Ming Dynasty. The temple houses the China Buddhism Institution as well as the Chi...

  • | 0 Reviews | 60 | Attractions

    Address: 4 Jingshan Qianjie, Dongcheng District (city center), Beijing

    Description: The Forbidden City, more correctly known today as the Palace Museum,�is the most magnificent imperial palace complex in China and is located in the heart of the city across from Tian'anmen Square. The Palace c...

  • | 0 Reviews | 2 RMB | Beijing | Attractions

    Address: 52 Donghuashi Xiejie, Dongcheng District, Beijing

  • | 0 Reviews | RMB40 (Nov. 1 to Mar. 31), RMB 45 (Apr. 1 to Oct. 31) | Attractions

    Address: Yanqing County, northwest of Beijing, Beijing

    Description: The Great Wall at Badaling is approximately 70km north of the modern city of Beijing. Since 1957, Badaling has received an estimated 130 million tourists. Badaling is an ancient military defense post with many ...

  • | 0 Reviews | Free | Attractions

    Address: 25 Fuchengmen Neidajie, Xicheng District, Beijing

    Description: Built during the Jin Dynasty and overhauled during the Ming Dynasty, Guangji Temple is the headquarters of the Buddhist Association of China and its vast library contains 100,000 religious texts in more than a ...

  • | 0 Reviews | Beijing | Attractions

    Address: Luanping County, Chengde city, Hebei Province

  • | 0 Reviews | Free | Attractions

    Address: Nanxinhua Jie, Xuanwu District, Beijing

    Description: Liulichang Street is probably the most famous ancient Chinese street in Beijing, known as an art and culture bazaar with stores filled with books, curios, calligraphy, paintings, and musical instruments. The st...

  • | 0 Reviews | Apr- Oct: RMB 60; Nov - Mar: RMB 40 | Attractions

    Address: At the foot of Tianshou Mountain, Changping District, Beijing

    Description: Ming Tombs are approximately 50km northwest of Beijing in Changping County. The Tombs are the dynastic burial grounds of 13 emperors from the Ming Dynasty, and a number of concubines and eunuchs. The burial com...

  • | 0 Reviews | Beijing | Attractions

    Address: Around 13 km from Miyun County, Beijing

  • | 0 Reviews | RMB35 | Attractions

    Address: Huairou District, Beijing

    Description: The Mutianyu section of the Great Wall was opened to tourists in 1986. Located 73 kilometers from Beijing proper, it offers a quieter alternative to the theme-park ambiance of Badaling, especially if you get th...

  • | 0 Reviews | Dongcheng | Attractions

    Address: Guangqumennei Street, No. 90 Xinyu Business Building , Dongcheng ...

    Description: OMESCAPE - THE BEST ESCAPE GAME IN ASIA Step 1: You will be locked into a room and you don't know what to do Step 2: You find some clues and puzzles and start to know what to do Step 3: You triggered something...

  • | 0 Reviews | RMB30 | Attractions

    Address: Gubeikou Town, Miyun County, Beijing

    Description: The Simatai section of the Great Wall, not far from the Gubeikou section, is located at Gubeikou Town in the northeast of Miyun County, 120 kilometers from the Beijing city center. While it is by no means ''wil...

  • | 1 Reviews | April 1-October 31: RMB 30, November1-March 31: RMB 20 | Attractions

    Address: 19 Xinjiangongmen Lu, Haidian District, Beijing

    Description: As its name implies, the Summer Palace was an imperial summer resort - an escape from the baking heat of the capital. It is a delightful collection of halls, shaded corridors, pavilions and gardens, set on a w...

  • | 0 Reviews | RMB 55 per person | Attractions

    Address: Tanzhe Mountain, Mentougou District, east suburb,Mentougou ...

    Description: At approximately 30 miles from Beijing, it is an ideal daytrip for those planning a longer stay in the Chinese capital. It is also a must for anyone with a love of Chinese temples, dramatic mountain scenery dec...

  • | 0 Reviews | 10 RMB | Beijing | Attractions

    Address: Jia31 Beisanhuan Xilu, Haidian District, Beijing

  • | 0 Reviews | Chaoyang | Attractions

    Address: 7-1-81 Jianguomenwai Waijiaogongyu

  • | 0 Reviews | RMB15 (Bell Tower), RMB 20 (Drum Tower) | Attractions

    Address: on the north side of Di’anmenwai Dajie, Dongcheng District, Beijing

    Description: The Drum and Bell towers are situated at the northern end of the central axis of the Beijing Inner City to the north of Di' anmen Street. They are at the heart of one of the most historically picturesque parts ...