The Yellow River Scenic Area (Zhengzhou HuangHe Fengjing Ming sheng Qu) [郑州黄河风景名胜区]

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  • Opening hours: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
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At the base of Yue Hill, around 30 kilometers northwest of Zhengzhou, is the Yellow River Scenic Area, where a variety of natural and man made attractions have been drawing visitors for centuries for its beautiful views over Yellow River.

Liu Bang, who later became Emperor Gaozu, defeated the Han Dynasty Emperor Xiang Yu at the western end of the large park, in a historic battle. Other sites include Yuenshan Temple, and a forest of traditional Chinese steles, where 570 steles inscribed with the calligraphy of China's most famous calligraphic artists stand.

The highest peak in the park is Five Dragon's Peak, which reaches 800 feet at its highest point, from where the views over the Yellow River are most spectacular. Visitors interested in a closer view of the river can take a hovercraft or a speedboat along the river itself.

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