Nanputuo Temple (Nanputuo Si) [南普陀寺]

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  • Address:515 Siming Nanlu, Siming District, Xiamen
  • Getting there: Take bus No.87 to Nanpotuo Temple
  • Contact: 0592 2086586  
  • Opening hours: 08:00 - 20:00
  • Website:
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There has been a temple on the site of the Nanputuo Temple (Nanputuo Si) since the Tang Dynasty, but the current one was erected after the original was destroyed during fierce warfare in the Ming Dynasty. The temple is situated on the slopes of Wulao Feng, close to Xiamen University. Aside from offering spiritual nourishment, it is also famous for the excellent vegetarian food served, which visitors are welcome to sample during meal times.

The temple is comprised of a series of halls and rooms where monks worship and study including dormitories, libraries and study rooms as well as the Heavenly King Hall, the Great Heroic Treasure Hall and Great Compassion Hall. Heavenly King Hall is usually the first stop on a trip to the temple where a huge statue depicting the Buddha of the Future (Maitreya) smiles over visitors, himself looked over by the four heavenly kings of Buddhism. The statue points to the ground, indicating that the temple will offer food and a bed to visiting monks. The two story Great Heroic Treasure Hall (Daxiongbao Feng) has a further Buddha of the Future, joined by the Buddhas representing the past and the present, whilst the Goddess of Compassion (Guanyin) is honored with four statues in the Great Compassion Hall.

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