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A cozy studio school hidden down one of Shanghai’s small alleyways, Colorbox Creative Arts Center is home to an educational program focused on enriching the lives of children and adults through art. Emphasizing hands-on instruction in a creative and supportive environment, Colorbox is a place for students of all levels and ages to come express themselves, receive artistic guidance and encouragement. Early childhood arts classes (ages 2-5 years) center on art play and learning through gentle guidance. We focus on introducing themes and materials that allow children to explore color, texture, shapes, concepts such as scale, color mixing, and mark-making while strengthening both minor and major motor skills. Children aged 6-12 are encouraged to observe the world around them, make connections to themes such as community, family, geography, and everyday life in a personal way while learning art techniques, concepts, and basic art history. These classes present projects that further these ideas while allowing for individual creativity and exploration. Our classes for youths between 12 and 18 focus on the fundamentals of visual art encompassing art history, color theory, various methods and contemporary processes in addition to technical skills using classic materials. We aim to prepare these students by providing a solid foundation to work from. For adults, classes are offered in painting, drawing, figure drawing, portraiture, sculpture, writing (fiction, poetry, composition), book-making, printmaking, mixed media, Chinese paper cutting and calligraphy. For those interested or involved in arts education, teacher training, both within our organization and for teachers and individuals from other schools and businesses, is another way in which we seek to enrich others through art. Contact us if you're interested in finding out more about any of our programming.

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