Banyan Tree Spa Shanghai [悦榕庄温泉SPA]

  • Address:3F, 88 Henan Zhonglu, near Sijing Lu, Huangpu District, Shanghai
  • Contact: 021 6335 1888 ext. 7272  
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Inspired by the Himalayans, Banyan Treebases its treatments on the five Chinese elements (earth, wood, water, metal, and fire) in order to focus on easing muscle pain and stress. Dip into a rice wine bath and feel your muscles instantly relax. The black sesame scrub will reveal your skin's inner glow while giving your body an all-over tingling sensation. Perhaps the treatment with the most "are you kidding me?" appeal is the stone massage that uses river stones, on which are carved the eight symbols of Tibetan Buddhism. These symbols, which are hand carved onto the stones by monks from the Kopan monastery, are supposed to unblock the flow of qi. Try getting that kind of service anywhere else in the world!

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