• | 0 Reviews | Xiangshan | Parks

    Address: 117 Huangcheng Xi Yi Lu, near Railway Station, Xiangshan District, ...

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    Address: 18 Qixing Lu, Guilin

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    Description: Not very far from the Crown Cave village lies Taoyuan Village: but although the two are close together, road access is cut off by a steep rocky hill, so villagers have to take a ferry between the two. The area ...

  • | 0 Reviews | Attractions

    Address: 38 Fuwang Jie, Guilin

    Description: The beautiful Li River rises near Mao' er Mountain northeast of Guilin and winds its way southeast for 437 km, passing through Guilin, Yangshuo, Pingle and Zhaoping before flowing into the Xi River at Wulin. It...

  • | 0 Reviews | Attractions

    Address: Pingxiang Jingnei, Longsheng County, Guilin

  • | 0 Reviews | RMB 98 | Parks

    Address: Longsheng Hot Spring Tourism Resort, Longsheng, Guilin

    Description: Longsheng Hot Springs National Forest Park is located 130 kilometers (81 miles) northwest of Guilin. The main feature of the park is its famous hot springs, but it is also notable for its dense forests and abun...

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    Address: 427 Zhongshan Nanlu, Guilin


    Destinations: Nanning, Liuzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongwan, Sanya, Wuhan


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    Address: Zhiling Lu, Xingan County, Guilin

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    Description: Not far from Elephant Trunk Hill is a small, steep, picturesque hill topped by a hexagonal Ming Dynasty pagoda known as Longevity Buddha Pagoda (Shoufo Ta). The base of the hill is ringed by maples which form a...

  • | 0 Reviews | RMB 60 | Attractions

    Address: Ludi Lu, Guilin

    Description: Reed Flute Cave, just five kilometers northwest of the center of Guilin, is a superb cave that is on almost every tourist' s itinerary. The spectacular stalactites, rock formations and stone pillars are set off...

  • | 0 Reviews | RMB 35 (park), RMB 30 (Seven Star Cave) | Attractions

    Address: 1 Qixing Lu, Guilin

    Description: Seven Stars Park, covering an area of more than 120 hectares (297 acres), is located in Guilin City on the east bank of the Li River, and has been a scenic attraction since the Sui and Tang dynasties. The park'...

  • | 0 Reviews | Attractions

    Address: Beside Guiyang Gonglu, 15 miles from Yangshuo, Guilin

  • | 0 Reviews | RMB 15 | Attractions

    Address: Jingjiang wangcheng, city center, Guilin

    Description: Solitary Beauty Peak is a high limestone outcrop located at the site of the ancient Mansion of Prince Jingjiang, in the center of Guilin City. Towering 66 meters (217 feet) above the ground, this peak has been ...

  • | 0 Reviews | RMB 6 (Some caves require an extra admission fee) | Parks

    Address: Zhongshan Nanlu, Guilin

    Description: South Creek Park is located in the south part of Guilin city. The main feature of the park is South Creek Hill, and its twin east and west peaks which are separated by the Longji saddle. The Dragon Spine Pavili...

  • | 0 Reviews | RMB 80 | Zoos and safari parks

    Address: Shatangdayuanpan, Liangjiang Airport Express, Guilin

    Description: Guilin Xiongsen Bear and Tiger Village is located in the Shatang Loop of the Guilin Liangjiang Airport Expressway, 10km southwest of the city. Covering more than 30 hectares (74 acres), the village fulfils both...

  • | 0 Reviews | RMB 20 | Attractions

    Address: southwest of Yaoshan Mountain, Guilin

    Description: Located seven kilometers to the east of Guilin city at the foot of Rao Mountain, this imperial mausoleum site is the resting place of eleven princes of the Jingjiang family, descendants of Taizu, the first empe...

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    Address: 9 Zhenyang Lu Xixiang, Xiangshan District, Guilin

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    Description: The river bend at Xingping presents another iconic Li River vista, and is immortalized on the reverse side of the 20-yuan note. Nearby is an ancient village of considerable architectural interest for its Ming- ...

  • | 0 Reviews | RMB 18 | Parks

    Address: 2 Xishan Lu, Xiufeng District, Guilin

    Description: Xishan (West Hill) Park is located 2 kilometers west of Guilin and covers about 2 square kilometers. The two main prominences in the park are Hidden Hill (Yinshan) and West Hill (Xishan). Xilinqing Temple, whic...

  • | 0 Reviews | free | Attractions

    Address: Yangshuo County, Guilin

    Description: Yangshuo is a delightful town which is well worth an overnight visit, though many tourists stay only a few hours at the end of the Li River cruise. It is an excellent place for hikes and excursions in the surro...

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    Description: About 500 meters past Mural Hill, the peaks grow steeper, the river broadens and the current slackens. Just below the surface of the water lies an enormous flagstone, named by locals for its resemblance to a ye...

  • | 0 Reviews | RMB 20 | Parks

    Address: 70 Zhongshan Beilu, Guilin

    Description: Located in the north of Guilin by the Li River, Yushan Park is recently built, and is designed to showcase several important cultural and historical places. The most important of these is the Yu Emperor Temple,...

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    Address: Yulong Village, Baisha Town, Yangshuo County, Guilin

  • | 0 Reviews | RMB 60 | Parks

    Address: Yuzi Paradise, Dabu Town, Yanshan District, Guilin

    Description: The Yuzi Paradise, founded by Taiwanese entrepreneur Mr. Rhy-Chang Tsao in 1998, is an art park devoted to contemporary sculpture and art. The park is located two km off the Guiyang Highway, 28 km south of Guil...

  • | 0 Reviews | Ticketing offices

    Address: Gate of Tianlian Hotel, 12 Zhongshan Zhonglu, Guilin