Chongqing Wildlife Animals Zoo (Chongqing yesheng dongwuyuan) [重庆野生动物园]

| 1 Reviews | 100RMB per person | Zoos and safari parks
  • Address:Shuangzhu County, Yongchuan City, Chongqing
  • Getting there: take buses in Chengjiaping, Caiyuanba and Chaotianmen bus station to the zoo.
  • Contact: 023 49842546  
  • Opening hours: 09:00 - 17:00
  • Website: (Chinese)
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This zoo is one of the largest in China, with the stated aim of preserving and studying rare and endangered animals. It recently received a grant from the Chinese government of over RMB360 million to help achieve this aim and now has a collection of over 100 different species. It aims to increase this to over 430 and to substantially expand its research program in the coming years.

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May 15, 2011 06:39

i am new in china lodging in 1 of the hotel in yongchuan, chingqing china.
i was to come to the zoo, but i have difficulties in communicating to people
on my needes,
pls. come and pick my tomorrow(sunday 15/05/2011) i'll pay for the taxi.

my temporary mobile no is 13983163460

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