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    Address: Huada Shopping Center, 266 Wuhouci Dajie, Chengdu

    Description: One of the ten largest bookstores in China, the Chengdu Book shopping center offers English-language magazines and novels, as well as some books in German, Korean and Japanese. A welcome respite for those cravi...

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    Address: 5 Zongfu Lu, Jinjiang District, Chengdu

    Description: The Chengdu Foreign Language Bookstore is the next best place to go for foreign language books in Chengdu. They stock a wide selection of books and music though the content is much more limited than at Bookworm...

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    Address: 65 Beidajie,Qingyang District,Chengdu


    Sells wholesale books, magazines and periodicals to local retail outlets, but will sell to persistent individuals at a 20% discount. Score.


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    Address: A1-16, Friendship Square, Shangdong Dajie, Chengdu

    Description: Some English textbooks and a couple random offerings, but the books are mostly in Chinese. However, a few English, German, Japenese and Korean novels are peppered throughout the shelves. Check out the children'...

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    Address: 2-7 Yujie Dongjie, 28 Renmin Nanlu Section 4, Wuhou District, Chengdu

    Description: The Bookworm in Chengdu is the sister branch of its larger counterpart in Beijing. The venue is famous for its wide selection of foreign language books, membership club, talks, festivals and more. One of the gr...