• | 0 Reviews | Islam

    Address: 115 Sansha Street, Xi District, Changsha

    Description: Just around the corner from Baisha Ancient Well (Bai Sha Gu Jing), a green and white dome-capped building contrasts sharply with the modern architecture. Changsha Mosque was built during the Tang Dynasty, but i...

  • | 0 Reviews | Christianity

    Address: 80 Waixiangchun Street, Kaifu District, Changsha

  • | 1 Reviews | Christianity

    Address: 19 Shetan Street, Changsha

  • | 0 Reviews | RMB 10 | Buddhism

    Address: 52 Kaifu Si Lu, Kaifu District, Changsha


    First built in the year 927, Kaifu now holds well-attended New Years' festivals and lantern displays.


  • | 0 Reviews | RMB 5 | Buddhism

    Address: Yuelu Mountian, Western Suburb of Changsha


    The Lushan Temple dates back an incredible 1,700 years, and is the first known evidence of Buddhism in Hunan province.


  • | 0 Reviews | RMB 25 | Buddhism

    Address: Grand Weishan Mountian, Ningxiang County, Changsha

    Description: During the 1,000-year history of Miyin Temple, it has survived numerous wars, skirmishes, takeovers and reconstructions. Today, the most interesting attraction in this 9,000sqm complex is the Palace of 10,000 B...

  • | 0 Reviews | Catholicism

    Address: 8 Xiangchun Alley, Kaifu District, Changsha

  • | 0 Reviews | Taoism

    Address: Yuelu Mountian, Yuelu District, Changsha

    Description: Situated on scenic Yuelu Mountain, Yuelu Temple was originally built during the Ming Dynasty. Destroyed by Japanese forces in 1944, the temple was reconstructed in 1957, and remains a valuable cultural landmark...